Don't be like the rest of them darling . -Coco Chanel






You Meant to Be a Goddess








Always Remember who You Are

Our products have been created to always inspire you and remind you  that YOU ARE A GODDESS.
Is like a vision board that reminds you of your dreams.
I created these, to remind you to take your decisions as a Goddess, to take care of yourself as a Goddess, to embody the GODDESS.
My Vision is to create products with meaning.
When you buy something that gives meaning to your everyday life (like when you wear a dress from a known designer),
the meaning that you give is “I am worthy” “I can” “I am amazing” “I made It” etc.
While as a Coach for 20+ years I believe in the inner work, I know for sure that works both ways.
Internal→ External
External→ Internal
The somatic external experiences affect your confidence and your attitude towards life.
Personally, when I surround myself with beautiful things, it reminds me that I always can BE more than I think.
Thank you for being in my world 
Anastasia xoxo









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