Heal The Wounds, Clear The Path, Build The Legacy.

Accept The Invitation:

Be What You Desire

Goddess Society is a sacred community that elicits freedom from patriarch, poverty & dependency, by strengthening the feminine Power through unification  & awareness.

You are welcome here come to join us as we embody the  Goddess within and RISE!

Wealth DNA


Through the magnificent network of cells in our body, we are deeply connected to our ancestors, the struggles they faced, and the beliefs they held. 

Most people are unaware of this, and the impact our lineage has in our lives. 

Through my Wealth DNA course, we will expose the programming that is preventing you from living an abundant life and then we will transform it into Eudaimonia

When I say Wealth is not only about money. Is about everything.

Greeks have a name for this. EUDAIMONIA which means “good spirit” when is translated into English.

In the works of Aristotle eudaimonia was the term for the Highest Human Good (human Flourish)

So here we talk about Wealth DNA.

Everything you need to flourish in life is in your DNA. Despite the programming, we have every little seed ready to give us what we truly desire.

And that’s the point. We don’t even know!

Eons of darkness brought us to the point of living lives with no meaning and silent suffering.

Will you allow this to go on?

Let’s say enough and go back to the original program of our DNA. The Wealth DNA.

The one that brings us Eudaimonia.

The Highest Human Good.

As modern-Goddesses is our duty to pass it on to this timeline but also to the next generations.



D - Dump The Shit

Module 1

  • Dump the Shit
  • Make the shift
  • Ring of Power

N - Numinous

Module 2

  • Numinous: In the Presence of Divinity
  • Spiritual reasons for Money problems
  • Divine Wealth

A - Abound

Module 3

  • Abound: Exist in Abundance
  • Laws of Prosperity & Abundance
  • Money in Your DNA

Pockets of Gold


It’s about time to stop letting Money matters be a pain in your life.

Financial freedom is a huge source of suffering in our World, but you have the Power to change that. 

While the Wealth DNA is about your Human flourishing and Eudaimonia, Pockets of Gold is all about your intimate relationship with Money.

During this journey, I will show you how to “fall in love” with money and see it exactly the way it is. 

Like any successful relationship in life, compromise occurs by looking within. 

We also learn how to be gracious and stable in our ability to create balance, freedom, and deep spiritual connections. 

This is important to consider because it is not possible to live an abundant life full of freedom and spiritual connections when we are focused on finances for survival. 

We need the inner game, the energetics of this relationship, and also the outer game. How to handle them, be unapologetically prosper, and walk on the journey of the spiritual journey of freedom and abundance.

Pockets of Gold is your starting point to freedom and abundance but also to your optimal health.

By refining our Pockets we create Gold on our terms so we can flourish in body, soul, and business.

This healing opens the gateway to more fun, less stress, and a lifetime of growth!

Pockets of Gold is a journey that requires dedicated inner work. Because Money has deep emotional ties in our lives, through our relationships with our parents and other loved ones, our self-love, our romantic loves, and our sense of self-worth.

I will guide you as you explore the current connections you have as we create more empowering ones. 

It’s time to claim your Life back!




Module 1

  • Life’s intentions & Standards of Integrity
  • Mission statement
  • Finding your money story

Module 2

  • Identifying the Money trauma
  • Money Brain & Neuroplasticity
  • Spiritual reasons for money Problems

Module 3

  • Clearing the path
  • Energetic alignment
  • The 7 Dimensions of money

Module 4

  • Dream Budget
  • New neural pathways
  • Quantum leap

Ms Femme

VIP Mastermind


Your relationships will change forever.

The one with money.

The one with yourself

The one with others.


Because this is NOT a course. Is an eye-opening experience. An experience unlike any other.

Me and You one full VIP day in a luxury Venue, a total transformation, and a shift. 

Hand by hand guidance after the VIP day for 90 days while you embody the new You. 

I’ll be there. I will witness and celebrate with you the Shift!

It will be Uplifting, full of strategies and tools.

All the above relationships will heal and you will finally have the clarity of what you desire, what to do, and how to be aligned with your vision.

Here we honor our ability to hold space for ourselves and others.

We accept our value & we receive effortlessly.

We strengthen our intuition & align with the right people while we create transformation.

We Quantum Leap!

Come with us

Let’s start your journey into freedom and power today!