Why I Do It

1999, Greece. I had spent many years as a single mother of three; I was addicted to relationships; I was at my lowest points, and I felt my feminine screaming for attention. I knew things had to change. I was standing out to create the New.

In my journey to embrace my inner goddess, I became an innovator, a conscious leader, a spiritual business coach, and a mentor for female entrepreneurs who need to change their lives.

We all have a goddess within us.

If I can do it, you can. I help you gain personal, relationship, and financial success my finding the feminine within you, just as I did many years ago. Let me guide you through this journey to discover the power that lies in you.

I Believe...

I believe in freedom of everything: speaking and doing whatever you know to be true for you.
I believe in balance: balance of work, life, love, money, and family. Together we will bring balance to your life.
Every goddess within us is unique. I will help you discover your true goddess, perfect to you and your spirit.

I carry with me the knowledge and the massive potential of my ancestors.

I hail from the land of the most ancient philosophers and the most potent energy: Greece. This wisdom and energy live in my DNA.

Some years ago, I felt the call to come live and work in the USA. It was a huge inner push, and I didn’t know why. I was successful in my country. I had everything I needed. But when I won the Green Card Lottery, I knew I was walking down the right path.

Come with us

Let’s start your journey into freedom and power today!