Wealth DNA

I have a Secret:

Our struggles are going deeper than this lifetime

Clearing the path that we inherited from our ancestors is essential.

Is not enough to heal only this timeline that we live but also to go deeper and free ourselves from the cyclic inherited patterns of sabotage.

Then we can freely choose who we want to be.


Wealth DNA


Through the magnificent network of cells in our body, we are deeply connected to our ancestors, the struggles they faced, and the beliefs they held.

Most people are unaware of this and our lineage’s impact on our lives.

Through my Wealth DNA course, we will expose the programming that is preventing you from living an abundant life, and then we will transform it into Eudaimonia.

When I say, Wealth is not only about money. It is about everything.

Greeks have a name for this. EUDAIMONIA, which means “good spirit,”  translated into English.

In the works of Aristotle, eudaimonia was the term for the Highest Human Good (human Flourish)

So here we talk about Wealth DNA.

Everything you need to flourish in life is in your DNA. Despite the programming, we have every tiny seed ready to give us what we truly desire.

And that’s the point. We don’t even know!

Eons of darkness brought us to the point of living lives with no meaning and silent suffering.

Will you allow this to go on?

Let’s say enough and go back to the original program of our DNA. The Wealth DNA.

The one that brings us Eudaimonia.

The Highest Human Good.

As modern Goddesses is our duty to pass it on to this timeline but also the next generations.


D - Dump The Shit

Module 1

  • Dump the Shit
  • Make the shift
  • Ring of Power

N - Numinous

Module 2

  • Numinous: In the Presence of Divinity
  • Spiritual reasons for Money problems
  • Divine Wealth

A - Abound

Module 3

  • Abound: Exist in Abundance
  • Laws of Prosperity & Abundance
  • Money in Your DNA

Why is Now important to deal with Ancestral Patterns ?

We all have been witnessing the major changes in the world lately.

Reality the way it use to be is changing radically.

Now more than ever women need to be strong, decisive, and independent.

Now more than ever we need to bring our gifts, unique talents, and ideas, upfront to serve in grace humanity, and live our lives in our Highest Purpose and Potential.

The world needs now your intuition, your feminine approach, and your compassion for the new world that is rising up.

But when we are living in fear and we have blocks that are going deep in our lineage and ancestry DNA we cannot do much.

The way we work, live, and relate is forever gone.

And now is up to us to handle the massive changes. To see the opportunity of creating something beautiful, an opportunity that is one in many lifetimes, to create our world the way that we want it to be.

Will you be a part of what is coming NEXT?


* This Program is one-month on-demand WhatsApp 1:1 support along with one 60 min. session. When is on sale is a week 1:1 support on WhatsApp and 0ne session. That’s to get unstuck and get you going to create your magic.

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