Pockets Of Gold

Hard Truth:

Prince Charming doesn't exist


Prince Charming is a fantasy in the mind of most of the women out there.

It comes in all shapes in our minds.

Sometimes is the handsome rich and good heart man that will take care of you.

Sometimes is the relationship you’re clinging out of fear of how to face life by yourself.

Other times is the job you hate but you stay because you are afraid you will not make it financially.

And the most hidden one is the idea of someone or something that will come and save you.

No matter what it is ( and there are a lot ), one thing is sure.

Most of us grew reading fairytales about Prince Charming. Is now embedded in our psyche somewhere, knowing it or not.

And the Truth is …YOU ARE YOUR PRINCE.

I know that this is not convenient. It’s better when you are hopping and wishing and grasping from something or someone else.

But if you are here something is telling me that you know the truth.

You just need ME to be the one that will dissolve this illusion.

And you desire to break free and have no fear.

You desire to look the fear in the eye and pass.

You desire to be powerful in your own means.

REALIZE THAT PRINCE CHARMING IS YOUR FEAR  & and you will find your zone of brilliance and your way to be your PRINCE.



Pockets of Gold


It’s about time to stop letting Money matters be a pain in your Life.

Financial freedom is a huge source of suffering in our world, but you have the power to change that.

While the Wealth DNA is about your Human flourishing and Eudaimonia, Pockets of Gold is about your intimate relationship with Money.

During this journey, I will show you how to “fall in love” with Money and see it exactly how it is.

Like any successful relationship in Life, compromise occurs by looking within.

We also learn to be gracious and stable in our ability to create balance, freedom, and deep spiritual connections.

This is important to consider because it is impossible to live an abundant life full of freedom and spiritual connections when we focus on finances for survival.

We need the inner game, the energetics of this relationship, and the outer game. Learn How to handle those , be unapologetically prosper, and walk on the journey of a spiritual journey of freedom and abundance.

Pockets of Gold are your starting point to freedom and abundance but also to your optimal health.

By refining our Pockets we create Gold on our terms so we can flourish in body, soul, and business.

This healing opens the gateway to more fun, less stress, and a lifetime of growth!

Pockets of Gold is a journey that requires dedicated inner work. Because Money has deep emotional ties in our lives, through our relationships with our parents and other loved ones, our self-love, our romantic loves, and our sense of self-worth.

I will guide you as you explore the current connections you have as we create more empowering ones.

It’s time to claim your Life back!



*P.S Pockets of Gold is 6-week intense work with me 1:1 going deep and creating your money flow.

No BS zone for creating your bank overflow


Module 1

  • Life’s intentions & Standards of Integrity
  • Mission statement
  • Finding your money story

Module 2

  • Identifying the Money trauma
  • Money Brain & Neuroplasticity
  • Spiritual reasons for money Problems

Module 3

  • Clearing the path
  • Energetic alignment
  • The 7 Dimensions of money

Module 4

  • Dream Budget
  • New neural pathways
  • Quantum leap

Become The Goddess

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