Tapping in your Inner Power


Bring Out Your Inner Goddess

Free yourself from patriarchy, poverty, and dependency. Instead, harness the goddess’s power inside you to empower every part of your life.

Our programs are designed for an inner and outer transformation: to unleash your full potential upon the world.

Create The Life You Desire

Success in finance? Done. Success in business? Yes.

Success in relationships? YES.

With the power of the goddess, every part of your life can explode with its full potential.

How about you, being able to

Bring your business into life

Have THAT relationship

Manifest like a Magician

Kick the ass of your habits that don’t serve you

Follow a Path

Would you like to be THIS WOMAN?

Centuries-Old Power, In The Modern Woman

In the times of Ancient Greece, women looked up to goddesses of immense power, beauty, and skill. Now, we look inside ourselves for the wisdom of Athena, the prosperity of Tyche, and the feminity of Hera. Are you ready to meet the goddess in you?

After all, what is a Goddess?

A Goddess represents models of being and behaving. They are archetypes that we all have inside us and we are driven by them.

They are parts of our personalities and psyche.

When we say to become Goddess is about you to understand fully how each one operates in your life, in order to have a successful life full of love and purpose of existence.

A Goddess knows who she is and what she desires. She knows her weaknesses and her strengths.

She brings light into her Darkness.

That’s what you will be able to do.

Meet Anastasia

I spent most of my life in Greece, hiding for years my inner Goddess in order to fit into society. I have been addicted to relationships and ended leaving me to raise my three boys alone as a single mother.

I knew things needed to change. My inner Goddess was ready to be free.

For many years I was separated from my power but through my personal transformation, I found again my Power.  I found freedom.

I now embody the Goddess I was meant to be.

I am innovative, a conscious leader, a spiritual business coach, and a powerful guide for women entrepreneurs who desire change, greater pleasure in life, structure in their business & the energetics of calling in the ideal client, and the ideal bank accounts.

I believe that every woman has the power to become a real-life, modern-day goddess.

Let me show you how!


A Journey Beyond the Physical

Prepare for a life of abundance. Through an inside-out approach, together we will understand what you crave and what you need to be fulfilled as a goddess: in life, in love, and in business. Get ready to experience a transformation, find success, and change your financial situation forever.

This journey is more than earthly: it is metaphysical. You will join a community of goddesses just like you who are discovering their goddess persona through 3 pillars: Spiritual Mastery, Business Mastery, and Emotional Mastery.

Our Products

From Goddess to Goddess: My Message To You

I created this space for the powerful women who are lost in their roles. For years, I struggled with the same things. My mission is to remind you of all the potential you have that’s ready to be released into something great if only we can get out of our way first.

Goddess Society is all about empowering women who have been ground down by their situations but refuse to give up on themselves or others around them. You’re not alone in the journey, and together we’ll make it through to a better reality.